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Jack Christensen

Founder / CEO

Jack is our owner and fearless leader. He steers our ship and make sure all of us creatives stay on the same page as we have a tendency to think outside of the box. Jack’s has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid. He started making and selling cookies door to door when he was 8 years old. Today he brings that spirit to help our clients grow their businesses.

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Diego Espinosa

Director of Operations

I was born in Merida, Yucatan, and studied in Vancouver, Canada. Lived in Canada for 4 years and I consider myself a hard-working person who’s always focused on my goals. I speak three languages English, Spanish and Portuguese. My biggest passion in life other than coding and discovering new technologies is traveling as a backpacker while coding on the way because why not?



Vanya Ferreira

SEO Specialist

I currently reside in South Africa, but I have lived in Australia, and Serbia in Eastern Europe, too. I have a keen interest in all things related to digital business, and have insight into web development, SEO, performance optimization, eCommerce, analytics, digital marketing, and everything else needed to create the content which will help you and your business grow!


Stefanie Krpina

SEO Specialist

Hi, I'm Stefanie. I truly believe that it is always 'shop o'clock' online. Over the last few years, I helped clients to grow and optimize their websites and webshops to gain more visibility and sell effortlessly online. If you ever catch me offline I am probably hiking above the clouds in Austria.


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Raúl Rivadeneyra

Lead Developer

I’m a creative and cheerful person who is determined to make a change by helping others. When I was 10, I started coding and got hooked. Since then, I became a software developer focused on giving premium experiences. Besides programming, I also design and manage projects. I enjoy playing piano, cooking, and developing video games.


Dominique Salomon

Full-Stack Developer

I’m from Mexico I working as developer for 3 years so far I been working with different technologies also currently taking an specialization as UX/UI Designer, but I love how as coder if you have any idea you can create like a builder. Big fan of any type of games specialty devoted to FPS/RTS games used to be a pro-player back when I was younger that brought me the opportunity to go to different places such as Canada/Brazil. Now I’m trying to improve my skills as a developer, always trying to learn new things.


Ethan Gonsalves

Front-End Developer

I grew up in Canada playing hockey my whole life in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up I loved to teach myself new skills all the time. When I was 14 I started learning graphic design and made logos, YouTube banners, 3d designs, and much more. Eventually, I felt I was at an artist’s block and hit a wall, so I decided to teach myself how to program. I started studying front-end engineering and eventually, I was able to program a website from start to finish. Today I stand as a UX/UI Designer and a front-end web developer.


Diego Martinez

Front-End Developer

I was born in a central American country called El Salvador, lived there all my life until I went to University in Mexico to visit new places and learn from new cultures. I studied Software Engineering because I liked to solve logic problems, wanted to know how computers work, and had a big interest in learning how to create software, now I'm at CreativeJC to continue learning more about technologies and grow as a developer. Also, I'm a big lover of coffee and videogames.


Leo Caceres

Front-End Developer

Leo is a person that liked on assignment he had in high school, base on that he decided to study programming and now thanks to Brazilian jiu jitsu he build relationships with the right people, now he is a adult that was given the opportunity to study and travel around the world with the support of Creative JC and an amazing team. He is young, he loves computers, software and hardware, to work hard and to take big decisions.



Keisha Lamereaux

Graphics Designer

I grew up in Pennsylvania, not Pittsburgh or Philly, but a small town most people have never heard of called “Carlisle”. In school I was always the girl who would pick writing papers over taking a math class any day which has led me to writing blogs. Within my family I was always the organized one, the one who ran on a schedule. Both of those things combined landed me a job at Creative JC, here in Mexico being a project manager and writer. There is nothing better than doing what you love, where you love. Nobody wake me up from this dream!


Armando Montes

Graphics Designer

I grew up in Mexico city but I’ve been living in Merida for more than 12 years I am a multidisciplinary designer with 6 years of experience on the creation of graphic/visual content for the development of different brands and their respective objectives. I consider myself as a hard working person and I constantly seek improvement in the use of my tools as well as on my skills day by day. I love to solve problems and learn from the people around me, I’m a 100% soccer fan and I’m a coffee addict. Also, I love to play the guitar, read books, watch movies or play videogames on my weekends.


Joselyne Castillo

UX/UI Designer

I was born in Mérida, Yucatán and graduated in Systems Engineering. Then I decided to specialize in UX/UI Design since I discovered that I love to combine design with development. Another of the things that I am passionate about is traveling and going to concerts, my goal is to visit different countries. I met Creative JC and thanks to my interest in improving my skills in Product Design and in the English language I am now part of the team.

Content Producers


Luis Aguilar

Media Producer

I look at the world through my viewfinder and I like to capture it in photographs. My name is Luis and I grew up in Yucatan, Mexico, more specific in small town called “Dzidzantún”, I specialize in the creation and edition of photos and videos. Everything started with an instant camera and my need to show how I see the world, a place full of art, creativity, and color.


Lewis Scott

Content Writer

English born, Aussie raised. Husband to a beautiful Colombian native, and father to four awesome little dudes in training. How I snagged this cool gig here in this little slice of Mexican Paradise, I’ll never know. Divine intervention? Sheer luck? One thing is for certain- I’m now a bonafide tippy-tapper on ye olde keyboard for the fine gentleman (and ladies) at Creative JC, Mérida. What a life eh? ¡Viva México!

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Carolina Espinosa

Social Media Manager

I’m from Merida Yucatan and I have been working as community manager for 4 years, I’m currently taking an specialization in illustrator and photoshop to improve my skills as designer. I consider myself as a creative, organized and persistent person who always pursue his goals. I speak 3 languages Spanish, English and French and on my free times I love playing sports and hanging out with family and friends.

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Daisy Pineda

Content Writer

I grew up in Morelia, Michoacán. Throughout my life I have had a huge passion for learning new things and traveling, this led me to become a Philosophie Doctor and learn about various topics. As a doctoral student I did scientific illustration and I have always been passionate about design and writing. I was looking for the opportunity to live in Mérida, Yucatán since it seems to me a beautiful city and now thanks to the opportunity of Creative JC my dream has come true.



Carla Rojas

Executive Assistant

Carla is always ready to work hard. Organizing is her super power. She has years of experience with work and volunteer coordinator. Born in México City and raised in American system school she is fluent in both English and Spanish. A wildlife conservation groupie she volunteers as much as she can. Carla lives in Mérida with her husband, kid and three dogs.

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Carola Villarreal

Executive Assistant

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and grew up in Merida. I consider myself a very organized person who loves to work with things related to numbers. My biggest passions are listening to music all day long and doing sports. Right now I’m still a student in Finances and Accounting but I hope to end my studies soon and specialize myself at work. I speak three languages which are Spanish, English and French. I lived for one year in Toulouse, France and that’s where I learned to speak French and got to know their cultural ways of living. I like stepping out of my comfort zone because this gives me new learnings.


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Mark Serrano

Sales Executive

Mark is a native of Los Angeles. He has over 10 years of sales and marketing in the financial and retail industries. Focused on bringing value to every client, Mark thrives in situations where his resourcefulness and resiliency can shine. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and immersing himself in foreign cultures.

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Zach Bond

Sales Executive

I'm from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I have a passion for meeting & understanding people from all different walks of life. It is incredible to me to see all you can learn just by asking good questions & listening well. I also love business & the satisfaction that comes from working hard. When I'm not talking with & meeting new people, I enjoy golfing, boating, running & reading.

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Aaron Phillips

Sales Executive

I was born and raised in Texas. I have been in B2B sales for 16 years and I am very passionate about helping businesses grow and helping to solve problems. I am excited to join a company that is here to grow and help other businesses. Let's talk.

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Jomol Fraser

Sales Executive

I am a self-motivated driven and entrepreneurial individual who strives to become better and others around me every day. Focused on process improvement, building lasting relationships with clients helping them get maximum ROI on marketing budget.



Jessica Rendis

Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in Merida, Yucatan. I've been working in marketing departments for over 4 years, where I gained experience in inbound marketing, content marketing, project management, graphic design, and community management. I like trying out cafeterias, traveling to new places, watching movies, and listening to music/podcasts.

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