Sports Wash

Connecting Sports Car Owners To Specialist Cleaners

SEODigital Marketing


Sports Wash has been in business for over 10 years and they have a very specific niche of only serving customers with high-end sports cars.

As such, they have very specific requirements, and needed to attract the correct customers to their website and business. We knew that we could handle this project with ease, considering that we could focus on SEO and PPC, alongside a website update to get the right clientele at the right time.


Sports Wash had an extremely outdated website that they built a decade ago. This needed a complete overhaul to be successful in today's market. We also needed to build an entire SEO and PPC plan to get the right keywords for the right customers.

We also needed to ensure brand congruency and professionalism among all of their platforms.


We started with the website overhaul, which increased the professional look of the Sports Wash brand. By incorporating SEO best practices and high intent keywords from our research, we allowed them to gain a large amount of organic visitors. This was compounded by the local SEO that we did via their Google Business Profile.

We ran a Google Search campaign, which gave them instant leads, and increased their conversions by multiples. By ensuring brand congruency, this allowed them to gain customers from social media and their website.


  • Bounce Rates
  • Leads in the 1st Month
  • Phone Calls 1st Month



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