Bringing The Shine To High-End Clients

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Shine Car Polishing offers a variety of cleaning and polishing services for high end vehicles.

In order to draw in the correct customer base, Shine needed to have a website and integrated social media presence, to showcase their work. They reached out to us, as the digital professionals, to assist them in making their dreams a reality.

We built a high-performing and high converting website, that was interlinked with their social media accounts. This allowed them to show off their work, while getting free traffic to their website.


The main challenge for this project was to make the whole experience extremely visual. We needed to do this to tell a visual story, which was completely reliant and integrated into the clients social media accounts.

We also needed to focus on the correct keyword research to attract the high end customers that the client was looking for.


Our website build comprised the main component, into which all of their social media accounts linked into. A direct Instagram integration gave both their followers on Instagram a link back to the website where they could order, but it also gave their organic and paid website visitors direct access to their Instagram photos on the homepage.

This led to increased conversion rates, decreased bounce rates, and an overall better customer experience.


  • Decrease Bounce Rates
  • Leads in the 1st Month
  • Increased Organic Search Result



  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • System Architecture Design
  • UI/UX & Web Design