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Taking A Car Wash Fully Digital

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Rogue Wave Auto Wash is a car wash company with two branches in Youngstown and Boardman, Ohio. 

Having been in business for a few years, but knowing that they had to pivot over to a digital presence in order to increase their sales, they reached out to us to assist them.

After a consultation call, we constructed an entire digital presence package for them, and assisted them with building and implementing their entire digital marketing plan.

This allowed them to find a new customer segment, increase their revenue, and allowed them to offer monthly membership subscriptions for a recurring revenue stream.


In order to attract a new customer segment, Rogue Wave Auto had to essentially be put on the map. This included a carefully selected color scheme that would attract a younger customer base, while still retaining the professionalism that is expected.

Rogue Wave Auto also needed to have all of their systems integrated, which included Local SEO via their Google Business Profile. They also wanted instant results.


The solution that we came up with was a well-designed website that not only attracted a new clientele, but which also showcased the fact that Rogue Wave Auto uses some of the best quality products on the market.

We also increased their revenue, since we opened up a membership option for them, and with a mixture of local and technical SEO, we allowed their brand to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

To give them instant sales, we created an entire PPC campaign for them via Google and Bing Ads that allowed highly relevant searchers to be directed instantly to their website.


  • Decreased Bounce Rates
  • Leads in the 1st Month
  • Increased Organic Search Results



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