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Pure Nourish help people who feel stuck & uncomfortable in their bodies reach their nutrition & fitness goals to help them feel confident again. They create custom-made fitness and nutrition programs for all of their clients.

We revamp their brand strategy to a simpler and more remarkable one with the requirements of the company's founder. We develop a brand new website so more people could discover their fitness and nutrition programs.


Franzi, the founder of Pure Nourish, desired a revamp of the logo for a more simple and distinctive look. She was also looking for a customer-friendly and more structured website.

The challenge lay in designing a pleasant and outstanding logo that represents Franzi's personality and the vision she had for her business.


The client wanted to keep the logo simple and we delivered just that. We found an element, the wave, that show the freedom Pure Nourish wanted their clients to find with their service. To go with the wave we chose to go with the color blue, a color that is associated with freedom, confidence, and trust.

For the website design we decided to keep a clean look, we showed the basic information about what the company offers, how they could subscribe to their plans, and how to get in contact with them.


  • Leads in the 1st month
  • Increase in overall conversion rates
  • Decrease in bounce rates



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