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Bringing A New Breeze To Ocean Wash

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Ocean Wash is a car wash business that has been in operation for over 15 years. In the past few years, they have seen a decrease in customers due to the rise of competitor car washes in the area. In order to combat this, Ocean Wash decided to rebrand themselves and their marketing strategy with a focus on a digital first approach.

The company wanted to target a new customer base by advertising on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They were also looking into SEO services to help them rank higher on search engine pages, as well as copywriting services for their website and PPC campaigns.

We did all of this for them, and more, to help them reach the level of success that they wanted.


Ocean Wash needed to create a new image, and get their business in front of the right people. Considering that they are a local business, the challenge was to attract local customer that were geolocated in proximity to them.

We also had to redesign every aspect of their business, and create new systems for Ocean Wash from the ground up. This created challenges like brand congruency, and social media management, which we were perfectly suited for.


We started with the website, and logo redesign, which we then tied into their Google Business profile. This helped them to get instant traffic via their Google Maps feature. We also focused on SEO focused copy which allowed them to expand their organic reach.

On the social media side, we managed everything for them. From creating the accounts, to regular posting, and even creating instagrammable moments with clients from Ocean Wash.


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