NYC Butchers

From Rebranding To Custom Supply Chain Solutions

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NYC Butchers is a New York based butchery that sells organic, free range, and grass-fed meats. They asked us to rebrand their company to reflect their new ownership values, while still staying relevant.

They also wanted to integrate an online ordering system to go alongside the new delivery service that they had incorporated.

We redid their logo, built their optimized website, set up their new social accounts, and built a custom app that allowed the ordering system to be directly integrated into the delivery service.


The main challenge was to retain their known brand image, while still changing it enough to reflect the new ownership. We required creative out-of-the-box thinking to ensure customer satisfaction.

From a technical perspective, the most challenging part of this project was to build the app which would systematically organize the orders and deliveries to the various different drivers.


We liaised with the clients on numerous occasions to ensure that satisfaction with the new brand identity. We merged both the old style with the new, to come up with something recognizable, but completely different.

The website that we designed allowed them to generate a new reach, which increased in-store conversions, and a substantial uptick in revenue.

The big breakthrough for NYC butchers though was our custom built app that integrated their online and B&M ordering system into their delivery service, which allowed for fast delivery, and incredible customer happiness and retention. 


  • Average Order Value
  • Phone Calls 1st Month
  • Decrease bounce Rates



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