Hammer Masonry

Hammering Away At A New Brand Image

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Hammer Masonry is a masonry company that has been in business for over 30 years. The company was looking to rebrand their business and redesign their website to better represent the company's values.

They hired us since we specialize in website design and online marketing services, to help them with the project.

We set up an entire rebranding package alongside a website rebuild to allow them to attract the customers that they were looking for with a modernized design.


Since Hammer Masonry needed a complete and total branding overhaul, we had to look at every part of their business, alongside the values of the owners to come up with a new brand solution.

We also had to design a website that would build trust, incite inspiration, and bring them the customers that they required.

Furthermore, we needed to ensure that all of these systems worked as an integrated whole.


By working closely with the owners, understanding their values, and their vision, we were able to create a complete rebranding package for them, which included a new logo, new website, new social media, and an updated Google Business profile.

We also integrated all of these systems to work cohesively alongside each other for greater brand awareness, increased website visitors, and improved conversion rates.

By trusting us with their rebranding process, their business improved significantly.


  • Emails 1st Month
  • Increased in Overall conversion rates
  • Bounce Rates



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