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Web Design


Elite Chiropractic is a national chiropractic chain dedicated to enhancing athlete performance. They provide care and rehabilitation through a dedicated team of chiropractic and physical therapy professionals.

They came to us looking to improve the website to be more user friendly so that their team could edit it, and add an update so that clients could book directly from the site based on the nearest location


Elite Chiropractic did not have the proper infrastructure to scale nationwide even though the company was growing fast. They were struggling with managing bookings and websites for each of their locations across the US.

They came to us to build a website that would automatically update based on geolocation and have the ability for clients to book directly from the website based on the nearest location.


Elite Chiropractic needed a website that was flexible enough to grow and change over time as their company would grow and change over time. It also needed a design that mixed the assertiveness of an athlete while still being friendly and easy to use.

We developed an easy-to-use system for managing pages throughout their website and a site that auto routes to localized subdomains with a custom-built web app to manage the booking for Elite Chiropractic. With this update, we made sure that non-technical users could edit or create new landing pages in a manner of minutes.


  • Increase In Monthly National Bookings
  • Decrease in bounce rates
  • Increase Organic Search Results



Web Design
  • UI/UX & Web Design