Wix, WordPress, and Webflow OH MY!

By Jack
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Wix, WordPress, and Webflow OH MY!

Do you have a small business and need a website, but want to do it yourself? Are you considering getting into building websites as a freelancer? All the CMS and web builders or hard coding out there can be confusing. Each are great for their own reasons.


Wix has been around FOREVER and they are very good for small business owners that are not super tech savvy. While it is not completely customizable you can get a gorgeous website up with a ton of functionality in no time flat! It is also very intuitive for the less tech savvy among us. They have a ton of plug ins to be able to build out some great functionality quickly. What’s the downside you ask? Well it is limited in the customizability. If you are a web design professional you are going to want to steer clear of Wix. It is also nearly impossible to fully optimize a Wix website. That being said it is a great option if you are a small business owner and do not want to spend the money to hire a professional or agency.


What can we say about WordPress. Let’s start with what it truly is. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) The general way to build a WordPress website is through purchasing a theme and then editing that theme. For 95% of cases wordpress is truly limitless IF you are a professional. To truly do anything in WordPress you will need to be able to code. Now there are visual page builders out there like Elementor and Divi. Elementor even has a pretty good free version and you can do MOST things in a page builder but not more advanced things. Now there are pros and cons to using a robust CMS like WordPress. The reason over 70% of the websites in the world are on WordPress is that it is incredibly robust and can do pretty much everything. The down side is putting your website on top of a CMS is going to make it inherently slower. Now, with internet speeds increasing globally this is decreasingly an issue. Think about it like this. You have your website and typically a website will pull the images and text and such directly from your server. Now with a CMS like WordPress the website first tells WordPress to fetch and then WordPress goes to the server. The upside is it allows for some pretty awesome database stuff that would otherwise be next to impossible. The downside is it slows your website down a bit.


Okay so now we come to Webflow. Webflow is the new kid on the block, but they are awesome. The reason being is they are a fully visual builder so you do not need to know how to code. That being said they are a bit more complex to use and have a bit more of a learning curve than Elementor or Divi. Here’s the reason they are so awesome though: while they do have a CMS it is not required. So for the vast majority of websites that are just informational sites such as a restaurant or small business that clients only use to look up some quick info on them. These simple sites have no need for a CMS and a CMS slows them down for no reason. In the past, to build a site without a CMS you needed to know how to code. Not anymore. Now Webflow does have a CMS however it is not as robust as WordPress as it hasn’t been around nearly as long. I would HIGHLY recommend you go check them out though.

Wrap Up

Here at Creative JC we use both WordPress, Webflow, and hand coding all based on the project at hand. If you are a web professional just understand you are building solutions to your customers problems. The tool you use to solve that problem is based on the problem itself. In this day and age we have access to so many tools it makes our jobs much easier.

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