Why Videos Are Taking Over Social Media

By Keisha

It’s all about the visuals when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience. Text posts are informative, photos are great, but interesting videos are what is really going to stand out. As of now videos are the most popular form of content across nearly all social media. Take a look at TikTok for example, people spend nearly half of their day scrolling through watching videos. Followed right behind TikTok is Instagram reels, where again people spend most of their time enjoying an endless amount of video content. And lastly there is Facebook. Within each one of these platforms, the users have the ability to watch creative videos at the push of a button.

From a company view, you want clients and/or potential clients to spend time on your website or social media. Providing them with numerous videos to watch, will keep them entertained as well as informed about all that is going on within the company. 

As reported by adobe Blog, there are many advantages when it comes to videos versus standard text or photos. Just to name a few of those advantage:

– Creative opportunities are endless

– Increased engagement

– Promotion of products first hand

– The ability to produce a more direct message

Just as there are pros to video content there are also the cons that come along with it. The two biggest, but achievable cons are: video production and time constraint. Video production can be a bit challenging at first and requires just a little bit more expertise, than posting a photo or written text, but once the skills are mastered you are golden. In the case of time, this type of content will require more of your freedom and dedication than the other two types mentioned above. To overcome the time challenge, set a specific day or days where you get the content needed, that way it is out of the way and ready to go. These two cons can be just as easily turned into “pros” with a bit of practice and planning.

Diving into the advantages

The creativity within each video is what’s going to keep the traffic coming to your page or website. There is no limit to how creative you can get with a video, from the sounds, to the colors, even the transitions, the creativity door never closes. Plus the more creative you are the more people are going to take a liking to your videos. And the more people like your videos the more they are going to keep coming back to watch more.  

Engagement is huge with videos and if engagement is what you are looking for videos are going to be your best friend. Video content has found a way to work hand in hand with the new algorithms on social media. Why? Because this type of content seems to capture and hold the attention of its viewers longer than a photo or written text would. The viewers want to see it through, especially if they feel it is something interesting or funny. According to Jillian Warren from Later blog, another reason videos are good for engagement is because they tend to stay around a lot longer than any other type of content. For example: Someone could have posted an IG reel using a specific song months ago and all of a sudden that song has resurfaced and is being used again, now that person’s original reel is going to resurface and will begin driving traffic to their page once again. It is the same with TikTok and the “ForYouPage”. 

The promotion of products is huge within the world of video content, especially live videos. How many times have you hopped on IG or TikTok or any other form of social media platforms and seen one of your favorite celebrities or influencers using a specific product, then next thing you know you are buying that same product. It’s all within the power of the video! You got to see the product being used in real time, you got to see how it made the user feel, all that came from a video. The same effect could not have come from a photo or even written text. 

Video content allows a brand or company to tell a story to the targeted audience, giving them the feeling like they are part of the experience, as told by PGN Agency. It gives the feeling of relating to them on a more personable level and creating more of a connection. 

When determining if it is right to post a video or not, you have to keep in mind the platform in which you are going to post the content. While Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are all video friendly there are other platforms where a video may not be the best option to drive traffic. In those cases that is where the photo or written text comes in.  

Creating the video

There are a few things to keep in mind when you finally decide to create the video. In an article written by dontpaniclondon, you must must plan out the video and what you want the end goal of that video to be. The better your plan, the easier it will be to create the content. The next important detail that goes into content making is finding a way to grab the attention of the audience. All it takes is 30 seconds, sometimes less, for a person to decide if they are going to keep watching your video or if they are going to continue to scroll to the next. It was previously mentioned that your video needs to be creative and interesting, it needs to stand out from all the rest. That is what is needed to capture the people’s attention and get them to keep watching. 


Just a little recap on why posting videos is the new way to go….

-The creative possibilities never end

-This type of content will drive traffic to your page or website in huge numbers essentially giving more engagement

-There is the ability to connect and send a more personal message to the audience

-Up close and personal way to promote products 

Remember to always have fun and keep it interesting with the videos that you are creating. Stay mindful where you are posting the content and the audience you are trying to reach! 

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