Importance of Client Satisfaction in a Service Based Industry

By Jack
Importance of Client Satisfaction in a Service Based Industry

“The client/customer is always right” we’ve all heard it dozens if not hundreds of times. Within the service industry this rings true sometimes and not so true other times. Here is what I mean: I own Creative JC and when a customer comes to us, they come to us because we are extremely good at what we do. They hire us for our expertise. Now let’s assume a client says they want to grow their business. They want their website to be something ridiculous like a website that is all gibberish, bad mouths their own business and looks like complete garbage (this is extreme and would never happen I am just illustrating a point). We would strongly urge them that doing this will not accomplish their goal nor would we put a designed by Creative JC on that website but if the client kept saying nope that’s what I want at the end of the day that’s what we would do.

As the professional you are the expert and it is your job to point them in the correct direction to the best of your ability. If the client won’t trust you then that is on them and we should just do what they say as at the end of the day the customer is always right.

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A Word to Service Providers “The Customer Is Always Right”

You should always strive to provide the absolute best work to each and every client as doing so will only help your business grow. It is common to hear about people hiring contractors or painters and once they finish 80% of the job, they just disappear. I just do not understand this at all. I built Creative JC by forging strong relationships with my clients and providing the highest quality of work and communication every time. If you make a mistake, own up to it and figure out how to make it right. Do not just disappear. Every single client has the potential to bring you more business they also have the potential to harm your business. Take pride in your work on every single project.

A Word to Clients

You hire service professionals for their expertise because you can’t achieve the results that they do. If you are going to pay a professional service to do something you should trust their advice and if you aren’t going to trust their advice, hire a different team. With that being said, at the end of the day customer is always right.

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