How to Create A Gradient Logo From Scratch

By Jack
How to Create A Gradient Logo From Scratch

Have you ever wondered how Gmail created their gradient logo. Well today we will look at how to do that. I will be using the gradient logo for Creative JC. Here is a video walk through of it.

Gradient Logos: The Great For Some Bad For Others

Okay so let’s break it down. For a long time gradient logos were looked down on in the branding industry because you can’t use them for certain applications. For example let’s say you you are a small business and keeping costs down is important to you. Your’e planning to use your logo on T-shirts. In this case a gradient logo is bad decision because the cost to screen print with a gradient is far higher than a single color vinyl cut. The same is true for bumper stickers and many other things.

In today’s age of digital first an awesome gradient logo can really help your business stand out from the rest especially if it will mostly be displayed online. Think of almost all Google’s products, Firefox, Instagram (follow us on Instagram here) and so many more businesses utilize gradients and they are VERY eye catching.

Gradient Logo’s For Designers

Okay, this is for the designers out there. If you are at a loss for how to create a gradient logo let me give you a hint: separate all the pieces and apply the gradients individually. For more detail, watch the above video.

Need An Awesome Gradient Logo For Your Business?

Here at Creative JC we can design a logo that stands out and speaks to your target audience. Logo design is so much more than creating a logo that looks “cool”. Your logo needs to help your brand stand out and position yourself in the market.

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