How This Marketer Turned Cookie-Cutter Landing Pages Into 120,000+ Leads

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How This Marketer Turned Cookie-Cutter Landing Pages Into 120,000+ Leads

“Cookie-cutter” is one of the ultimate matters you’d wanna pay attention in relation to describing your advertising. In partnership with unbounce.


“Marked through loss of originality or distinction.” “Exactly like others.” “Not sufficient interest is paid to man or woman differences.” In a advertising international wherein hundreds of comparable agencies are vying for the identical customers, this form of advertising really won’t reduce it.

You’ve heard it earlier than: The most effective manner you’ll trap your audience’s interest is thru applicable, precise content material. It’s approximately hitting one patron with a latte advert earlier than they understand it’s most effective midday and they’re already exhausted, and some other with a chilly brew promo due to the fact dang, it’s warm wherein they live. While those tailor-made studies as soon as appeared serendipitous—they’re now predicted through your customers.

But what’s the quality print? Endless quantities of time? A big advertising team? Six arms? Let’s be real—small agencies don’t have the sources to manually tailor their content material to every and each prospect.

So, what if we advised you we understand a guy (pay attention us out) who got here up with a scalable manner to create applicable advertising studies? Better yet, what if we advised you there’s evidence that it can provide results? (It’s scored him thousands of possible advert campaigns and over 120,000 leads.)

The first-class component is you could do it yourself. So stick round for the 3-step manual on the cease of this post. Bring a clean touchdown page, Smart Traffic, and your advertising understand-how.

Mission To End Cookie-Cutter Marketing

So… who’s “this guy?”

Christian Krohn is the founding father of Patient Clicks, a advertising company that serves unbiased paramedical clinics, along with physiotherapy, rubdown therapy, and chiropractic care. He’s spent over twenty years withinside the enterprise himself—from proudly owning clinics to going for walks the advertising branch for a big countrywide chain.

Over his years withinside the biz, he’s observed a obtrusive problem: This enterprise is overrun via way of means of cookie-cutter advertising. All websites, ads, and touchdown pages appearance the same, making it quite darn tough to seize the eye of latest patients. He explains:


Bob’s PT does one thing and then Susan’s PT shows up and sees what Bob is doing, then Susan copies Bob. Then James copies Susan. And before you know it, they’re all doing the same thing. — Christian Krohn, Unbounce Customer and Owner, PatientClicks.

In other words, there was a great opportunity to help clinics create outstanding marketing materials. So when he launched Patient Clicks in 2018, his mission was pretty clear: eliminate cookie cutter marketing.


Relevant Marketing Experiences Pays Off

Christian’s marketing brings the best of both worlds. Attract more leads and patients for your customers and reduce their conversion and acquisition costs: “That’s the name of the game. We want [our customers] to pay as little as possible to get a new patient.”

Is music to the ears of any small business owner. Some of his clients are seeing hundreds of thousands in additional annual revenue. Relevant marketing isn’t just about pleasing your customers. It promises to be a huge competitive advantage.



Wait—$300,000+ additional annual revenues?! This isn’t chump change, people.

25 Clients, 300 Locations, 120,000+ Leads—How Does He Do It?!

With his client clinics in 300 locations, Christian needs to provide relevant content to many different visitors. And heck, it’s not like you have time to manually create 300 different landing pages for each campaign, either. page templates. Amazed? Me too. Sounds like Christian is fighting cookie cutter marketing with cookie cutters.

Then he explained they aren’t any ol’ templates. He created his own templates tailored to these industries. 

Smart Traffic: The Secret

Smart Traffic—you say? What’s that? good Traffic is Associate in Nursing AI-powered selling tool that makes improvement a reality for even the busiest marketers. We’re unsurprised that somebody like Christian—with wads of campaigns on the go—incorporated it into his toolkit.

However will it work? You produce a number of landing page variants, flip it on, and let AI do its thing. In as very little as fifty visits, it’ll begin reading your visitors’ attributes and send them to the variant most relevant to them.

A lot of relevant experiences = more conversions. (No marvel users are seeing double-digit conversion rates.)Smashing Magazine

While most marketers can simply use good Traffic for its AI-powered traffic routing (which is entirely groovy by us), Christian takes it a step further: He conjointly uses good Traffic to conduct variant tests. Through these tests, he gains insights on his audience’s preferences—and then uses these insights to create and tweak his templates.

These supercharged templates are his start line for each campaign. which means every variant he publishes is already data-backed from previous tests and also the landing page components are tested to convert in these industries. Now, it’s just a matter of creating these templates convert even higher.

An AI Skeptic-Turned-Advocate

But he had to take a leap to induce there. whereas Christian describes sensible Traffic as “a linchpin in [his] PPC efforts,” he admits he wasn’t associate degree early adopter. we tend to get it—marketing tools are germination up eachwhere, thus it may be difficult to remove the dangerous ones from the good.

thus he started off cautiously. He turned on sensible Traffic for half his campaigns and continuing to check the opposite half manually. The verdict?

sensible Traffic was exceptional our talents as humans to test. it absolutely was higher on every level.

Now, it’s practically clockwork: he creates a few variants, activates sensible Traffic, and checks back on the results to assemble learnings to tweak his templates. They keep recuperating and better, then do the campaigns’ performances—in no time flat. –pps– sensible Traffic provides the levers we want to drag to make sure our paid campaigns are viable. I wouldn’t ever deem effort Unbounce as a result of it’s all the key things we tend to need—even if there was a less expensive platform out there. I’m so content with what we’ve got at Unbounce.

Three Crucial Steps for Building Landing Pages Using Smart Traffic

You caught round for the goods—and permit me inform you, it’s really well worth your while. Here’s how you may create the ones supercharged touchdown web page templates on your personal business, instantly from Christian’s playbook.

1. Create a handful of landing page variants.

In order to construct a touchdown web page template that’ll convert to your industry, you gotta perform a little trying out to look what resonates together along with your target target market and what doesn’t. To do that, you’ll want a few variants.

Variants don’t want to be (and normally aren’t) new touchdown pages. They are versions of 1 touchdown web page, made to isolate and check an element. You ought to mess around with different:

  • Hero images
  • Headlines
  • Layouts
  • Form fields 
  • Calls to action 

Depending to your commercial enterprise and industry, sure statistics needs to be to your touchdown web page. (Like for paramedical services, you gotta consist of coverage and price statistics, health practitioner bios, a listing of treatable conditions, and affected person testimonials.) Once you’ve nailed this down, you want to take into account how you’ll gift this statistics. That’s in which the checking out comes in.

We begin with to a few absolutely specific touchdown pages—visually specific, messaging is specific—after which in the end Smart Traffic will assist select out the triumphing one. Once we’ve the triumphing one, we’ll create more than one variants. Just replica the web page to a few greater times, after which tweak one detail at a time, like simply the headline. It’s very micro-focused. It might be as easy as swapping out hero images, as Christian did for this campaign. Here, he desired to check if real pictures from the hospital might carry out higher than inventory pictures.



These little adjustments can also additionally appear insignificant, however all of them upload as much as offer a clearer image of your goal audience—and what’ll get them to convert. Whether you’re a virtual advertising intern or a bigshot CMO with years of experience, in case you actually post one touchdown web page and in no way appearance back—you’ll in no way realize why a few convert and others bounce.

So create that touchdown web page. Duplicate it. Build a few variants. And post ’em.

2. Turn on Smart Traffic

Really, that’s it. One click and you’re done. Set it—and then forget it.


The main reason why small businesses postpone testing and optimisation ways is as a result of they take an entire lotta time and resources. notice a tool that’ll do the legwork for you, and every one of a sudden it becomes a possibility.

To Christian and his team, this is often one in all good Traffic’s biggest commerce points. With good Traffic handling the testing and optimization, you’ll place your information measure into alternative components of the business.

Manually monitoring is manner greater labor-in depth and time-consuming. We’ve been splendid busy…however we do recognise withinside the again of our minds that [Smart Traffic] will locate the proper version for us and maintain to reveal the proper version till we’re geared up to get again in there and positioned thoughts into a few new variants.

Once Smart Traffic is grew to become on, you can also take a seat down again and allow AI do its thing. Heck, move in advance and paintings on every other task—your optimization method is formally on autopilot. You’ll recognise Smart Traffic is beginning to paintings its magic while you see the Learning Status shift to “Optimizing” at the dashboard.


3. Take those juicy insights and build a template

You created variations to check an detail of your touchdown page. You became on Smart Traffic. It’s optimizing like nobody’s business. Now what?

You begin taking notes. After every test, you’ll discover a nugget of facts that’ll assist you construct a cookie-cutter template that’s applicable for your enterprise and audience. Christian explains:

As we preserve to do extra checking out and collect extra expertise on which versions—and which elements of these versions—carry out higher, they come to be locked in templates. Then whilst we get new clients, we plug them in proper away. It might not paintings perfectly, however we’ve got a first-rate baseline to begin from, after which we tweak for that client—in preference to beginning all yet again from scratch.

Take a study your dashboard. Which versions are appearing well? Which ones aren’t? What’s specific approximately them?

Tip: One underrated characteristic of Smart Traffic is that it’ll recommend deactivating versions that aren’t appearing well. So what? This boosts your ROI via way of means of focusing site visitors to your best-appearing versions.

For this campaign, Christian examined a name choice and appearance how an awful lot higher it’s appearing:


Now, he consists of click-to-calls in maximum of his templates and campaigns. While trying out nevertheless calls for a few work, it turns into a whole lot greater possible with Smart Traffic. You don’t want to attend months for information to return back in. You don’t want the understanding to investigate this information. You can go away all that withinside the arms of AI.

Before you already know it, you’ll have some checks beneathneath your belt, because of this that it’s time to construct your template. With this template in tow, each unmarried version you create transferring ahead can be effective and relevant.

The bar is formally set—and it’s set higher. Your awareness will shift from changing traffic to changing greater traffic. Yep, with Smart Traffic, you may have your cookie and consume it too.

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