Getting Backlinks in 2022 | 21 FREE Ways

By Jack
Getting Backlinks in 2022 | 21 FREE Ways

As we look towards 2022 we would all like to see our businesses grow am I right? Well in this article I will lay out how getting backlinks in 2022 will help you business grow. First let us define backlinks (if you already know what back links are and just want ideas on how to get them skip down a couple sections). Backlinks are when another website links back to yours. For example if you have an article published on Forbes and there is a link in the article back to your website that is a back link. If you have your website on your social media that is also a backlink. Alright so now that we know what a back link is why should you care? Well backlinks are a HUGE part of Googles algorithm (see more here) and getting backlinks in 2022 is just as important as ever!

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks. Do follow and no-follow. To understand the difference we must first talk about how Google indexes pages and sites. Google has web crawlers that scour the web 24/7 finding new pages to list on Google. When one of these crawlers come to a link it first looks at if it is a do follow or a no-follow if it is a do follow the the crawler will go to that page and index it. If it is a no-follow the crawler will just go right past it. We could talk about why no-follows even exist but this isn’t a history lesson. Primarily you are focused on do follow backlinks as it will weight higher with Google that being said do not underestimate no-follow as they will still bring readers and customers to your website.

Getting Backlinks in 2022 a List

  • 1. Friends & Family ask to write an article for them on their website. More people than you know have websites these days.
  • 2. Reddit / Quora posting on these in good taste link your site.
  • 3. Guest Blogging Test and true
  • 4. Promote your Blog on SM
  • 5. Create a YouTube Channel
  • 6. SEMRush Free Backlink Building Tool
  • 7. Submit to Free Local Directories
  • 8. SEO
  • 9. Submit to Media
  • 10. Facebook Groups
  • 11. Create a free resource
  • 12. Pintrest
  • 13. Ebay
  • 14. Etsy
  • 15. Message Boards
  • 16. Referrals
  • 17. Cold Call
  • 18. Forums
  • 19. Get Featured (GoDaddy & BlogTO)
  • 20. Apply for Awards
  • 21. Community Boards

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